GBP1500 INTO GBP3800

once again i have numerous emails asking for trading tips,  but all i can do is lead you guys to the water, but it is up to you to drink it, as per usual my previous posts on various platforms are basically the same, i give a view about certain market moves and or my opinion on the eventual outcome or prior action to take. well it is 10. 53 London time as i write this post and i am trying to keep my eye on news night to clean any info that could possibly affect Wednesdays market as it opens, why ? well this week, i include Sundays as the start of the week, i have made GBP3800 on my starting GBP1500 in three days alone, this is particularly good as that level of profit is normally achieved over a month or two. so now the question from you will be how and, in all honesty all i can do is point you in the direction of my link below, the fact is as i am not acting as a broker for any reader of my updates/views on the market i cannot provide anything other than a direction as


  this week has ended with energy stocks again showing prominence at the top end of the markets, this is despite having taken many hits along the way. the sell offs that took place earlier in the week, had reversed with leading exchanges, closing at levels. the prices held up pretty well with travel stocks on the week achieving around 7%, considering the tendency had been steadily downward from around the end of January,


Let me clarify... Chasing market moves is a sure-fire way to incinerate your trading account balance, and loose every time, It's not that I don't want you to go after what you believe will make you money, it's just that i want you to win, and there are ways to do so so why do so many people chase knowingly or unknowingly, the answer is simple really, they have to chase the stock because they failed to get in right at the beginning/opening bell   training to trade is the only sure fire way to ensure that you have a fuller understanding of what you are doing and can actually make a living or any profit on a regular basis. If you want to in at the opening bell then check out these options.